About my beginnings
I've been in love with photography since middle school, when I first picked up an early digital camera. Since then, I've rarely been found without a camera within reach. Throughout junior high and high school, I was involved in the photography for the yearbook, which gave me six years of hands on experience. In college, I pursued a minor in photography from the University of New Haven. I am always looking to further my photography education by taking online classes, courses at local colleges and working with other photographers.

About kco photo
Pronounced "kay co photo," short for keri comeroski photography. kco photo was 'born' in 2009 when I moved to Providence, Rhode Island and pursued my goal of having my own portrait studio. I bought my own home, and built a beautiful space perfect for photo shoots! Though my clients typically come to the studio, I also happily travel around Rhode Island, Connecticut and southern Massachusetts.

About my style
Our shoots are low-stress - they are happy, easy and comfortable! My goal is for your cheeks to hurt from laughing and smiling by the time you leave.
With my studio being in my home, scheduling is extremely flexible to work within your busy lifestyle. Also, I don't publicly advertise - this is because all clients come to me by word of mouth. The lack of advertising cost keeps prices down, but also ensures that everyone who comes through my door already has a personal relationship with me. With this in mind, I love when you tell your friends about your experience - that is the biggest compliment!

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